Blurry Vision? Try These Tricks

6 April 2018
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Blurry vision is a nuisance, and it can be worrying if it happens more than once. If you're dealing with blurred vision, give these tips a try. If they don't help to reduce the blurriness in your eyes, seek help from an eye doctor. Rinse Eyes One of the things you can do to help blurry eyes is to rinse or flush them out with eye drops. This will help to lubricate your eyes if they're dry, which can potentially cause blurriness. Read More 

A Short Guide To Basic Eye Care

12 February 2018
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Learning about proper eye care is something that may prove to be extremely important for you. This can especially be the case if you know that you are already more prone to certain eye problems due to your family history. Here is a short guide to basic eye care that will help to get you started on taking better care of your eyes: Have an eye care kit – Even if you don't have contact lenses, you should have an eye care kit that you keep with your medical emergency kit. Read More