Getting Your First Eye Exam? What To Expect

2 November 2018
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If you are going in for your first eye exam, it is natural to wonder what will happen. Here is a quick run-down of what to expect during your first eye exam.

#1 Medical History

First, you are going to be asked to fill out paperwork about your medical history. This is where you will need to write down any medical condition that you currently suffer from as well as past medical conditions. Be sure to bring in a list of your prescriptions as well. This is important as your eye health is often connected to your overall health.

You are also going to be asked about your overall eye health. If you have any concerns or have noticed any changes to your eye health, this is where you need to make note of them.

 #2 Visual Sharpness Test

Next, the eye doctor will perform a visual sharpness test, better known as a Snellen Chart. This is the classic chart filled with letters that you will be asked to read with one eye and then another. This will help determine how visually sharp you are and is often used to assign a number value to your vision.

#3 Refraction Test

After that, the eye doctor may shine a light into your eye. This is known as a refraction test. The eye doctor will be able to look at your eyes and figure out more in-depth details about your vision.

#4 Check for Color Awareness

It is common in men to not be able to see certain colors, such as red and green. That is why you will be asked to identify colors. This is usually done by looking at colored dots and telling the doctor what color the dots are. This will allow the doctor to determine the state of your color vision.

#5 Check Each Eye

Don't be surprised when you are asked to cover up one eye and complete the test with just one eye showing. Tests are set-up this way to test the vision in each of your eyes individually. Often, one eye will be stronger than the other eye. That is why the eye doctor will test each eye individually in order to determine which eye has issues. This is also how your eye doctor will determine what type of lenses you need if you need glasses.

#6 Little Puff of Air

The eye doctor will blow a little puff of air into your eye with a machine. This little puff of air and the instrument used to blow the air actually tests you for glaucoma by measuring the fluid pressure in your eyes. Glaucoma can hide until it has a negative impact on your eye health, making this a very important test.

#7 Testing for Glasses

If the eye doctor determines that you need glasses, they will do further tests where they put lenses in front of your face and have you read the chart with letters and numbers again. This will allow the eye doctor to know the right prescription to prescribe you so that you can see properly.

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