How to Live Minimalist with Contact Lenses

24 May 2018
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Minimizing your home and life means getting rid of the things that you no longer need. Some of these items will be personal items, especially extra soaps, facial products, and hair supplies. One item that you will need still are your contact lenses. If you need help with your vision, you will have several choices including contact lenses and which ones to purchase. Minimizing contacts however, is still possible if you follow the right steps. Here are some ways to minimize your contact lenses while still taking good care of your eyes. 

Invest in one pair of eye glasses

While those who wear contacts may enjoy wearing them most of the time, there are situations where contacts are not recommended. If you are going to the beach or pool you may not wish to wear your contacts. One plane trips, you might not have the luggage capacity or liquid allowance to take a lot of contact solution. Invest in one pair of eye glasses that go with all of your outfits. The glasses will also give you a chance to rest your eyes from the contacts, especially if you notice that your eyes are irritated. 

Go for monthly wear contacts

Daily disposable contacts produce a lot of waste. Throwing away a pair of contact lenses each day for 365 days is often a lot more trash than most minimalists wish to produce. Purchase a pair of monthly disposable contact lenses. With the proper cleaning solution and keeping the lenses sterile by washing your hands before handling, one pair will last for the entire month. This will create less waste and will also require you to purchase only one box of contacts for the entire year. 

Go for a contact and glasses holder

Since you are likely to have a pair of glasses or sunglasses along with your contacts, you can minimize by purchasing a dual eyeglass and contact holder. The contacts and their plastic holder will be on one side, while the glasses will sit in the other. This means when you grab either pair, you will have all of your eye wear on you. This type of holder is also harder to lose, making it perfect for those who would rather keep all of their items in one space. A dual holder will decrease the amount of clutter around your home, car or luggage, providing you the perfect minimalist purchase.