A Short Guide To Basic Eye Care

12 February 2018
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Learning about proper eye care is something that may prove to be extremely important for you. This can especially be the case if you know that you are already more prone to certain eye problems due to your family history. Here is a short guide to basic eye care that will help to get you started on taking better care of your eyes:

Have an eye care kit – Even if you don't have contact lenses, you should have an eye care kit that you keep with your medical emergency kit. In this kit, you want to have things like a bottle of water to flush your eyes, eye drops, an eye patch and the number to a 24-hour eye care center in case you need to go in for an emergency.

Always protect your eyes – No matter what it is that you are doing, you want to keep your eyes in mind and make sure you do what you can to keep them as safe and protected as possible. If you are going in the sun, wear sunglasses with UV protection. If you are going to be around debris that may make its way into the air, then be sure you are wearing properly fitting protective safety goggles. If you are going to be on a motorcycle, wear a helmet with eye protection, or goggles under the helmet.

Have any injuries, or other issues checked out – If you have injured your eye, it is very important for you to have it checked out right away. You don't want to risk the chance of infection in your eye or putting off treatment you needed to get right away for the best results. If you see white flashes or anything else that is not normal, then you want to get it checked out right away. There could be something going on, such as a retina detaching, and these things can be treated if they are caught soon enough.

Consider all your options for vision correction – If you learn that you have vision issues, then you want to consider all options. You may be able to go with glasses and/or contacts; you may also be a good candidate for Lasik surgery which will permanently correct your vision. This means you will no longer need to wear glasses or contacts after having a successful Lasik procedure done because it will correct the issue causing the vision problems.