About Bad Vision & Wearing Eyeglasses

14 November 2017
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Did you realize how bad your eyesight is after putting on a friends eyeglasses and seeing things so clearly? If your friends eyeglasses was able to improve your vision, you likely are in need of getting your own. A good thing to know about getting eyeglasses is that the process isn't difficult to go through, as you will be comfortable each step of the way. Several tests will be done to find out how severe your eyesight problem is. Read More 

Want LASIK Eye Surgery? How An Eye Surgeon Determines If You Are A Good Candidate

5 September 2017
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If you would like to have LASIK eye surgery, the surgeon will put your through a few tests and ask you many questions to determine if you are a good candidate. Below is information about what they will do, as well as information about the surgery if you are approved for it. Reasons You Would Not Be a Good Candidate In some cases, people are not able to get LASIK eye surgery because they are at a great risk for complications. Read More 

Once Your Cataract Surgery Is Done, Remember These Tips To Avoid More

6 July 2017
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If you've recently gone through a cataract surgery and have better vision than you did before, it's natural that you'd want to avoid having that problem ever again. However, you might not be aware that you have the power to protect your eyes; these changes can lower the chances that cataracts start developing in the future. Wear Shades Even if you've been putting on sunscreen for years, you might not have considered that your eyes need just as much protection against ultraviolet sun rays as your skin does. Read More