Once Your Cataract Surgery Is Done, Remember These Tips To Avoid More

6 July 2017
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If you've recently gone through a cataract surgery and have better vision than you did before, it's natural that you'd want to avoid having that problem ever again. However, you might not be aware that you have the power to protect your eyes; these changes can lower the chances that cataracts start developing in the future.

Wear Shades

Even if you've been putting on sunscreen for years, you might not have considered that your eyes need just as much protection against ultraviolet sun rays as your skin does. These rays could have something to do with cataract development, so remember to wear shades and shield your eyes in other ways, such as large-brimmed hats.

Increase Anti-oxidants in Your Diet

It's important to realize that the food you're eating every day can also be a way that you can help your eyes stay clear of cataracts. In particular, zeaxanthin, lutein, and other anti-oxidants can be helpful for protecting your eyes and keeping them healthy. Eggs, spinach, kale and other leafy, dark greens are great examples of the kinds of foods that will increase your consumption of anti-oxidants.

Cut Down on Alcohol and Cigarettes

If you're someone who enjoys cocktails and cigarettes, you've got to know that neither are great for your eye health. Smoking cigarettes can encourage cataracts, particularly if you're older. Alcohol use, especially if you're drinking a lot, also seems to be risky if you want to avoid more cataracts. If you have a problem with these habits, it's time to seriously consider therapy and addiction help so you can cut down.

Manage Diabetes

You might already be aware that having diabetes could be a risk factor for numerous health conditions, including cataracts. To protect yourself, you need to stay on top of your blood sugar readings and administer insulin as your physician recommends. Ensure that you're seen by a doctor regularly for your diabetes so that you can adjust medications as needed so that your glucose level stays well within normal range.

See Your Optometrist

Once you've had surgery, it's easy to think you don't have to go back. However, your optometrist can alert you to any changes they observe in your eyes so early action can be taken if needed.

Making changes and learning about eye health in the days after your cataract surgery is a smart way to move forward after your procedure. Discussing your eyes with your optometrist can help.

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