What Optometrist Services Do Eye Doctors Provide?

6 December 2021
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Optometrists are eye doctors who can help patients preserve and improve their vision. Optometrists can help patients maintain their eye health as well as treat acute and chronic eye disease. Many people choose to see their optometrists on an annual basis, but you may choose to see your eye doctor more or less often, depending on your specific situation. Here are some of the services that optometrists can provide for their patients:

1. Prescribe glasses and contact lenses.

Glasses and contact lenses can help people with low vision see more clearly. If you experience blurry vision when trying to focus on objects located nearby or far away, you may need a prescription correction. An optometrist can test your visual acuity using a series of in-office tests. Based on the results of these tests, they can then write you a prescription for eyeglasses, contacts, or both. Your optometrist can also update your prescription on an annual or biannual basis so you can always wear the correct strength of glasses and contacts.

2. Treat dry eyes.

Dry eyes can feel itchy, sore, and uncomfortable. Your eyes may get dry after you've been awake for a long time or after you've swum in chlorinated water. However, some people experience dry eyes on a more regular basis. Your optometrist can test you for chronic dry eye by using a machine that measures the rate at which your tears evaporate. If you produce insufficient tears or your tears evaporate too quickly, your optometrist can provide treatment in the form of prescription eye drops, medications, or tear duct plugs.

3. Treat eye infections and irritations.

Eye infections can occur when bacteria, viruses, or fungi get into your eye. Some eye infections will go away on their own, but it's always better to be cautious when it comes to your eye health. An optometrist can diagnose eye infections and offer antibiotics to help you resolve them. Your optometrist may also prescribe soothing ointments that will help you manage the pain of an eye infection until the antibiotics can do their job.

4. Help people with diabetes maintain their eye health.

Diabetes can affect the body in many ways. It can also have an impact on a person's eyes. People with diabetes are more likely to experience glaucoma, which can lead to permanent vision loss. An optometrist can help people with diabetes maintain their eye health so they can continue enjoying good vision.