Saving Your Eyes From Technology: What You Can Do

26 February 2020
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Technology is everywhere, and it can be hard to escape it. No matter if it's at work or at home, it can be difficult to stay away from technology and prevent vision issues. Whether you're staring at a television screen, scrolling on your smartphone, or using a computer to complete work or homework assignments, using this type of technology constantly is eventually going to take a toll on your vision. To prevent vision problems caused by technology, read on for helpful tips.

1. Give Your Eyes A Break

Although it can be difficult to stay away from technology, you do need to take breaks from it from time to time. The reason for this is that when staring at a screen of a tech device, you aren't blinking as much. When you don't blink, you are straining your eyes and drying them out. This eye strain can lead to poor vision, as well as other vision issues. Taking a break can help you prevent these issues. Take a break from your tech device for at least 20 seconds every 20 minutes. Look away from the device and allow your eyes to focus on something else.

2. Adjust Your Tech Device

Make adjustments to the tech screen you are looking at to prevent glares and to prevent you from squinting at it. If you are squinting at the screen, it's going to cause a problem for your eyes. It can cause eye strain and headaches. Increase the font size, move the screen up or down, or move it closer to you if needed. Brighten the screen or darken the screen to prevent the brightness from causing eye issues. If you are using a smartphone or tablet, hold these devices up rather than looking down at the screen, which can cause neck strain in addition to pressure at the back of the eyes from looking down.

3. Adjust The Lighting

The lighting around you can be causing some issues for your eyes. Don't watch television in the dark, and don't use other devices in the dark, either. The lack of lighting can be harmful to your eyes. Make sure the lighting on the device isn't too bright or too dim, and the lighting around you also needs to be good as well. 

If you are a tech user, and you most likely are, save your eyes from these devices and prevent vision problems. Be sure to get to your optometrist for a yearly exam and checkup.

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