Are Your Old Glasses Giving You A Headache?

26 February 2019
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Glasses can help you to achieve perfect vision, but over time, that may change. If you've noticed that you're having frequent headaches that only seem to strike when you're wearing your glasses, the problem might be that they're too old. Here's what you need to know about the three potential causes of headaches from old glasses.

Pain from Wrong Prescription

As you age, your eyes change. Even slight changes in the shape of the cornea can vastly alter the way that you see the world, and thus it also changes your needs in a vision correction prescription.

When you try to look through glasses that aren't the right prescription for you, a headache can result. In short, the light coming through your glasses lenses is being altered in order to try and counter the unique curvature of your cornea. When the glasses don't do their job right, it can not only distort your vision but can cause pain and discomfort.


Another common problem with older glasses is that they weren't made for people who use electronic devices on a daily basis.

Old lenses rarely have protection on them to prevent glare. That is to say, the light coming from your electronics doesn't just enter your eyes, but it also bounces back off of your glasses. This results in that classic visible glare when someone else is looking at you, but it also causes strain and discomfort for your eyes.

This glare can be prevented with anti-glare coatings or lenses made of different types of materials. Your eye doctor will likely have many options for you, especially if you use a computer or phone on a regular basis, so be sure to ask during your next appointment.

Scratched-Off Coatings

Finally, it's possible that any coatings that were placed on your glasses have worn down and become scratched-off.

When your coatings are scratched off, it means that you're no longer getting the protection that it once offered - whether that protection is scratch resistance, glare prevention, or something else. These issues can be problematic all on their own, but the problems don't stop there.

Chipped or scratched coatings can make it harder to see through your glasses. You're essentially looking through untreated and treated glass at the same time, and the coatings may leave behind visible lines where they've chipped off.

Replacing your glasses on a regular basis, even when you think your prescription hasn't changed, is an essential part of maintaining good vision. It can also help to keep your headaches at bay. Visit a site like to learn more.