3 Signs You Should Have Your Eyes Examined

20 September 2022
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Your eyes provide you with an important sense that needs to be taken care of and protected to prevent losing it. Over time, your sense of sight may begin to fade, and you may notice that you cannot see quite like you once did. The fading of your sight is a natural occurrence, which may occur sooner rather than later. To help protect this sense, you should have your eyes examined by an optometrist every year. Read More 

5 Common Misconceptions About Eye Exams

5 April 2022
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While many people schedule regular checkups with their primary physician, not everyone schedules yearly eye exams. They may believe that these exams are unnecessary and that they can just skip them. However, it is important for people of all ages to schedule annual eye checkups. Your eye health should be a top priority.  Do not let the following myths deter you from scheduling an appointment.  If I Have Good Vision, I Do Not Need an Eye Exam Read More